Wire Cut EDM Machines

With the growing demands for more precise and large die spurred by the rapid ppularization of electric cars, our toolroom

equipments are purchased for machining large size dies.

Our Sodick wire-cut machine has large bed size that can hold maerial of 750mm x 500mm. The Z axis travel (height) is 420mm

Wirecut EDM Machines available

1)    Charmilles Robofil 2020SI

2)    Charmilles Robofil 6050TW

3)    Sodick AG 600L

4)    Sodick AQ 750L

5)    Mitsubishi DWC 200HA

6)    Mitsubishi SX20


AQ 750L, Large size wire-cut EDM uses the linear motor drive that provide a smooth motion on all axes and eliminates the need for ball screws.  It is completely free from the deterioration in machining accuracy caused b worn ball screw throughout the machine life.  It enabled difficult machining opeerations that were not possible with conventional ballscrew type EDM.

Max Workpiece Size (W X D X H)    : 1050 X 750 X 400mm
Max Workpiece Weight                    : 1500kg
X axis Travel                                       : 750mm
Y axis Travel                                        : 500mm
Z axis Travel                                        :400mm


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