EDM (Sinking / Super Drill)

EDM Sinking Machines
1)    Charmilles Roboform 20A
2)    Agie Charmilles FO 350 SP
3)    CDH-2AM (EDM Drilling Machine)
4)    KTC-430 CNC (Koton Drilling Machine)

Our Agie Charmilles FO 350 SP EDM machine maintains detailed precision and preserving electrode geometry. Fast finishing allows fine, even polished (Ra <0.3um), with unequalled consistency on large and small surfaces which reduce costly and delicate manual polishing operations.

Our drilling electric discharge machines are equipped with precision servo motor on X,Y,Z axes provide excellent stability during drilling providing 1um optical scale for automotive applications and other small bore machining on sheet metal and molds/dies. Drilling capacity from 0.2mm to 3.0mm diameter with copper or brass electrode


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