In our precision grinding department, we use the Mitsui-Seiki MSG 200MH, Okamoto and Excel grinding machines. With our skilled operators, we are able to consistently turn out parts that require stringent tolerances in microns with fine finishing. Their capabilities are becoming more important for the automotive, medical, electronic and aerospace part and our skill operators are well trained to reduce the turnaround time to cope with our tooling leadtime of 4 - 6 weeks starting from the design.

The machines and our skill operators provide us the flexibility for processing a wider variety of parts with shorter setup times especially in the medical, automotive and electronic industry. 

Precision grinding is an "art" that relies on experience and knowledge of the grinder who have been with us for many years.

Our Okamoto PSG-125B can handle job that is approximately 750mm x 500mm size which is ideal for making the top and bottom die shoes.


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