Type of Stamping Dies

TEK Guthrie design and produces high-quality precision stamping dies for the medical, electrical household, aerospace, computer, and other industries throughout the European and US markets.
We custom design & built tool that meet drawing specifications. For the last 20 years +, We have delivered design-build services that include provide better overall manufacturing efficiencies which make shorter tooling leadtime.
Type of Dies we design & built:

Progressive Dies
Semi Progressive Dies
Compound Dies
Deep Draw Dies
Fine Blanking Dies

Die Materials

  1. Carbide, A2, D2, M4 & etc...
  2. Alum / Mild Steel Die Shoes
  3. Standard components - Mitsui (mm), Danly (inch

Fineblanking is a stamping process that produces little die roll and improved sheared edge area which allows us to make parts would a secondary operation based on conventional stamping.  The smooth cutting edge eliminated machining process and cut cost by about 20% to 40%.

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