3D Scanner & Measurement

We use the newly re-designed Romer Absolute Arm, 7 axis with integrated laser scanner to measure a variety of complicate 3D automotive & medical profile parts, and use it for feature inspection to CAD, free-form surface inspection and reverse engineering.

Absolute Arm - 7 Axis SI

ROMER 7SI 2012 Overview-sm

Since its weight is balanced with ROMER's Zero-G counterbalance, the arm is the easiest and most ergonomic with feature pack contains the scanner interface,  Single button automatic laser light control allows scanning of various surface types. No warm up time coupled with no homing procedures enable our operator to complete a scanning and measurment in just minutes.

ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner is the portable arm system icalibrated and certified to B89 specifications.

The software that interface with our Romer Arm 7 axis laser scanner is the PC-DMIS from Hexagon which has the touch and non-contact capabilities to measure everything from simple parts to the most complex automotive and aerospace parts.



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